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Pain Relief Treatment

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Pain relief for muscles and joints including sufferers of arthritis.  The vegetable oils penetrate to a cellular level with 6 essential fatty acids, helping to promote the formation of new tissue accelerating healing & the growth of healthy tissue.  Anti-inflammatory, anti-neuralgic, antibiotic and antioxidant. 

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How to use: Massage gently into affected area twice a day for 5 days. Leave one day then repeat.  Also softens & moisturises skin.

Organic Castor Oil, Organic Sesame Oil, Organic Tamanu Oil.

Organic Essential Oils of Lavender, Bergamot, Ginger, Juniper Needle, Lemon Eucalyptus.

Organic Essential Oil of Black Pepper (unless inflammatory arthritis then this will be omitted - please stipulate).

The Linalool present in the organic essential oils are proven to play a major role in anti-inflammatory and pain control.

This is a 100% organic treatment which is very effective and totally natural not containing any synthetic ingredients whatsoever.

50ml pump dispenser

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