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First Aid Spritz

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A fine mist which calms irritated skin. If your skin is sore or itchy the last thing you want is to aggravate it further by rubbing, that's why I have developed this fine mist to help alleviate itching and soreness without the need to rub in. Leaves a fine veil to help skin heal in the kindest way.

Ideal for eczema, prickly heat rash, sunburn or any sore itchy skin.

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Shake to mix then spritz a fine mist onto skin, 2 or 3 pumps should suffice, you will soon know what feels right for your skin. Use as regularly as needed. Keep in your bag!

Organic Rose Hydrolate - Damask rose is the most delightful of all roses. Rose adds and helps to retain moisture, is mildly astringent and cooling. Good for healing emotional scars as well as irritated skin. Revitilises tissue.

Organic Aloe Vera - has passed the inspection of the International Aloe Science Council. The Toxin "aloin" is removed by flash pasteurisation leaving the beneficial qualities which are water, lignin, saponins, anthraquines, carbohydrate glucomannans (of particular importance is acemannan), tannins, steroids, enzymes, growth hormones, aloin, glucommannans, salicylic acid, and fatty acids. Aloe Vera also contains twenty amino acids (including all eight essential amino acids), at least nine minerals i.e. calcium, sodium, iron, potassium, zinc, chromium, magnesium, manganese and copper, and a number of vitamins, including B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, A, C, E, folic acid, and choline - all for healing and soothing.

Organic Cucumber Glycerol Extract - Fresh, whole organic cucumbers are extracted by a proprietary process approved by the Soil Association and it results in a sparkling, clear extract, which is not as sticky. It is sterilised by filtration so no preservative is necessary. Contains ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) and caffeic acid to sooth, cool and reduce puffiness.

D-Panthenol - Binds water in the outer skin layer and once the D-Panthenol makes contact with living cells in the skin it converts to Vitamin B5. Penetrates the skin holding moisture, stabilising and boosting skin metabolism.

Organic Essential Oil of Rose Geranium - The sweetest of the geraniums with a toning and firming effect.  Said to soften one’s outlook on life, and encourage acceptance of oneself and others. It is strongly associated with femininity, but it can also be useful for teenage boys whose hormones may be in overdrive! It uplifts, gives ­confidence and attractiveness, releasing stress, helping to overcome fear, and increasing the sense of self worth. Spiritually, the effect of Rose is to create a state of well-being and relaxation or restful alertness

Organic Essential Oil of Lavender - Angustifolia variety, flowers from France harvested at high altitudes. When lavender is grown at over 1400 meters, the plant produces more esters. If the oil is also distilled at high altitude, there is a lower air pressure so a lower temperature can be used & therefore more of the very volatile chemicals come through from the plant to the oil. It is more than worth all the effort as this is a superb oil.  The list of properties for lavender is one of the longest of all the aromatherapy oils. Here it is used for its calming affect & it seems to work best in small amounts.

Organic Essential Oil of Lemon Scented Tea Tree - Related to Manuka, this lemon scented tea tree works really well for oily skin, spots, blemishes and acne as well as eczema.

Organic Essential Oil of Eucalyptus - a wonderful oil for psoriasis and acne with the added benefit of aroma which clears the head and sinuses.

Organic Essential Oil of Peppermint - made from fairly traded Organic fresh leaves soothing and refreshing. Clears the head of congestion and catarrh from colds and flu. It will relieve some migraines, especially those stemming from digestive disorders. Used here to soothe. It is a refrigerant which cools irritated skin.

This product teams up very well with our First Aid Treatment. Use the Spritz to calm itching then follow up with the moisturising First Aid Treatment which will continue to treat the affected skin but add extra nourishment and nurture skin back to a healthy condition.

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