Host a Party for FREE products

We know you will love our products and that they will do wonders for your skin - but don't just take our word for it, hold a party of your own to try them.  Your will receive FREE PRODUCTS and get to try everything to suit you and your skin type.  Your friends will thank you for inviting them!  They can try our products too in a relaxed atmosphere.

And remember that they are not available on the high street so we offer something different that your friends won't have seen before!

In return for inviting us into your home you will receive:

  • a unique thank you gift (gifts will vary from month to month).
  • free products (amount dependent upon sales from guests).
  • 10% discount on anything else you choose to buy or
  • 15% discount on anything else you choose to buy if 2 guests book parties*

You can see how much you can benefit!  We want you to enjoy our products.

* To be booked that day and held within 6 months.