Get the best from your skincare regime

Do you know your skin type and how to make the most of your regime?


Does your skin feel tight after cleansing/washing? Alot of commercial cleansers contain harsh synthetic chemicals that strip skin of natural oils. This results in your skin being unbalanced and may even give you a false idea of what skin type you are.  You may feel your skin is dry because it feels tight or you may find your skin feels oily throughout the day because your skin is trying to compensate for being stripped of its natural oils and therefore over produces oil throughout the day.

All of our cleansers are extremely kind and gentle and contain no synthetic chemicals thus cleansing skin gently without damage or making skin feel tight.  If your skin feels tight after cleansing your cleanser is too agressive!  Our cleansers actually feed your skin leaving them thoroughly cleansed but not stripped of nutrients.

Our cleansing oils may be a little different to what you've used before but we know once you have felt and seen the results you won't turn back!  If you prefer a wash-off cleanser but want organic with no synthetics then you'll love our custard cream - start off by massaging in the custard, then add water and it will turn to cream and simply rinse away, magic!


Many people skip this step as they think it isn't important.  Infact it is of great benefit to your regime and with our spritzers it only takes 2 seconds! Each toner contains additional plant extracts as well as D-Panthenol which helps lock moisture into skin and boosts skin's metabolism.  With a perfect ph balance for skin they are great toners as well as refreshers.

After cleansing, shake Toner and spritz face then wipe over with clean cottonwool to remove traces of cleanser.  Shake and spritz face again just once or twice.  Whilst skin is still damp, immediately apply moisturiser.  The toner will penetrate skin along with the moisturiser so you will have double the benefit and the D-Panthenol will lock in the moisture.  Your moisturiser will also glide on easier if your skin is still damp and therefore not snag skin, allowing you to use just a small amount of moisturiser not overloading skin but keeping it balanced.  Our moisturisers and serums are potent raw blends and therefore only a few drops are required - very economical !

Oily/open pore - If you suffer with oily skin, the oily/open pore toning spritz has a sebum regulating formula so your skin will benefit greatly from the spritz.

Acne - If you suffer from acne, the acne toning spritz contains an anti acne formula different from that in the moisturiser hence doubling the benefit.

Dry/mature - For drier skins that need quenching, a double dose of nourishing Palmarosa and Frankincense for fine lines will penetrate deep and be locked in.

Normal - For those lucky enough who consider their skin to be normal, the lavender and blood orange offer aromatherapy as well as balancing and nourishing skin.

Sensitive - Great news if you suffer sensitive or easily upset skin, our whole sensitive range will rebalance and calm returning skin to a normal complexion.  The toning spritz contains D-Panthenol to lock in moisture along with lavender and chamomile to calm and heal.


We believe the best way to moisturise skin is to feed it with raw plant nutrition and nothing else, just like eatting a healthy meal. But we also believe that the nutrition should be natural and organic to avoid synthetic chemicals enterring your bloodstream.  Our moisture serums are packed with nutritious vegetable oils with essential oils that have been carefully prepared to retain the optimum nutrients such as Vitamins, Minerals and Omegas 3, 6, 7 and 9. Each blend is tailored to suit a specific skin type using nature's own natural remedies.

We understand that sometimes you need a moisturiser that absorbs fast, in the mornings in particular when you are in a rush and especially before applying makeup.  Thats why we designed our Moisture Light, Moisture Plus and Moisture Soothe with this in mind.  Still packed with all the nutritional vegetable oils and essential oils but in a light lotion which absorbs fast enough to immediately apply foundation - even mineral powders.  In fact we promote Honeypie Minerals which offer a 100% natural mineral makeup without anything else added. Checkout their website or speak to one of our Organics at Home Consultants who can show you the whole range in the comfort of your own home.

If you would like any advice regarding which skin type you are or advice regarding any of our products, please contact us by email when we will be happy to help.