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Protection Pouch

Condition: New


A little bag of positivity!  Containing crystals, shells and all things lovely to help bring protective vibes to anyone who owns it.  *Blessed & charged by the sun & moon.  *Made with love.  *Set with good intentions.

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Did you know that crystals and shells vibrate at different frequencies?  Personally I feel the energy in each crystal as I hold them - have you tried it?  I could write lots of info on crystals, they fascinate me, but instead try reading this article for further information

Keep by your side or in your bag whilst travelling.

Your Pouch contents:

Rose Quartz to bring love & peace, reduce tension & overcome trauma.

Black Tourmaline to clear negative energies including electromagnetics.

Amethyst to purify your aura, protect and block negative energy.  Amethyst does so much which will be very personal to the individual.  Helpful for ones spirituality.

Sea Shells for good luck, strength & new beginnings.  Different shaped shells offer different benefits.

Peacock Feather for watchfulness, guidance and protection.

Butterfly for hope and endurance.

Lilac & Purple wrapped with the colours of luck, healing and preserving - our company colours!  This is why I chose the wonderful purple and lilac glass for my organic products.  It is the very best colour to preserve the delicate cold pressed oils & extracts.

*If you have a special request for a specific personal pouch, do not hesitate to email or contact me via Facebook. 

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